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"the body benefits from movement,
and the mind benefits from stillness"

At Sapien Training, we are passionate about restoring human movement. But also restoring humans to the way we were designed to be. 

In modern society, we are constantly consuming information, we're always busy, our bodies and minds racing from one thing to the next. We're more stressed and sedentary than ever before. But it shouldn't be this way...

Join us in our cosy sunkissed movement studio, to move, stretch and energise your body and restore a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Sapien Yoga Classes

Calming Yoga Flow

Find peace through movement in our chilled out yoga class. 

Perfect for beginners or anybody who wants to flow slow! 


We’ll float through creative transitions from one yummy stretch to the next, improving mobility and flexibility in the body, and creating a state of happiness and relaxation in the mind. 


Create internal heat and build strength in this moderate paced vinyasa yoga class. 


Move mindfully through creative sequences, journeying towards a “Peak Pose” that may expand your comfort zone! We’ll improve stamina, strength, balance and flexibility in the body, whilst finding focus and an energised sense of wellbeing. 

asana coaching

Personal yoga coaching (either 1:1 or with a friend) allows us to really focus on our technique and alignment.


Whether you’d like to master your Sun Salutation, or work through strengthening and flexibility drills to help you get into those more challenging asanas (poses), private sessions enable us to pause the flow and break it down so you can level up.

Meet Rosie 

Rosie's passion for movement began before from a young age, when she began dance lessons at the prestigious Tring Arts Educational School. Finding joy through dance throughout the years, and going on to become a successful dance-fitness coach, she eventually fell in love with yoga accidentally, when she went into the wrong studio one day! 

As someone who'd loved high energy, music-led movement - and thought exercise needed to be 'hard' to be effective - she was expecting to feel bored and frustrated in this accidental yoga class. Instead, she found joy & tranquility through the graceful flowing movement, and discovered the improvements in her strength, stamina and mobility that can came from slowing things down. 

Knowing how much she loved sharing her passion for dance in her classes, she knew that she now wanted to share the magic of yoga - and swiftly completed a RYS 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with YogaHaven. 

Rosie is certified to teach gentle Hatha and dynamic Vinyasa styles of yoga.

She also holds a Level 2 Diploma in Exercise, Movement and Dance. 

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Our sunkissed Yoga studio is nestled at the foot of the South Downs, between Brighton and Hassocks. A cosy and intimate space where we invite you to relax, and make yourself at home. Come for the yoga, stay for a cuppa, a chat and cuddles with the resident down dog - my sanctuary is your sanctuary!
Ashtanga Yoga

Kat says:

"I love Rosie's yoga. As a beginner, sometimes I can find classes slow, boring and too long in one pose, but I was able to keep up with Rosie's flow without feeling rushed in my technique. She offers support and modifications when things are too challenging, but also pushes me to explore new and more complex poses"