Sapien Training Studios

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Sapien Training studios are located between between Brighton and Hassocks, with easy access from the A23 and stunning views of Wolstonbury and Newtimber Hill.

We have three studios, offering a range of exercise classes and 1:1 services in beautiful surroundings.

You don't need a membership to come and train with us, take a look at our chip-shop to see how it works.

Our studios are also available to hire if you're a qualified industry professional. Get in touch to make an enquiry. 

Sapien Training Studios


A functional training space with a focus on aerial & bodyweight disciplines!

You can tag in on one of our classes, or just pop in to train on your own (see gym pass)


  • Calisthenics (Rings, Bars, Paralettes)

  • Boxing (2 x 40kg heavy bag)

  • Kettlebells (4-32kg)

  • Climbing training equipment

movement STUDIO

Our movement studio is a beautiful, sunkissed, north-facing yoga studio with space for up to 10 people.


The light and colours reflect the seasons, and the ambience creates the perfect environment to develop your movement.

The studio is mirrored and fully equipped for yoga & movement disciplines, with a great view of Wolstonbury Hill!


The Sapien Training rehab room is a comfortable healing space for restoring human movement and treating injuries.​

Massage, movement therapy, and rehabilitative disciplines are on offer in our beautiful rehab room, and you can even bring your own therapist if you wish (subject to t's & c's).

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Strength Studio

The strength studio is a functional training space you can book for a private gym session.
  • Kettlebells (4-32kg duplicates)
  • Calisthenics setup (bars, gymnastic rings, paralettes)
  • Boxing heavynags
  • Sledgehammers, Mace, and Clubbells
  • Small equipment (bands, balls, rollers etc)

Movement Studio

Our beautiful, vibrant Yoga studio is nestled at the foot of the South Downs, between Brighton and Hassocks.

A cosy and intimate space where we invite you to move, relax, and make yourself at home.

Rehab Room

The rehab room is a beautiful healing space where you can get a massage, treatment, and ultimately restore your human movement back to it's best again.
Yoga Practice

Emilie says:

"I love the space at Sapien Training!

It's unique, and a the energy of the place is inspiring.


You feel like you're at home, training among friends, and they've really thought about the design to facilitate loads of cool training disciplines!"