"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle"


As our use of technology increases, our physicality decreases. 

The evidence for the need to regular undertake strength training is ever increasing. We ALL need to be utilising our musculoskeletal system and challenging it, in order to maintain healthy movement and longevity.

Here at Sapien Training we want to restore our innate levels of strength & movement through quality strength coaching delivered by industry experts.

Sapien Strength Coaching Services

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Kettlebell classes coach and train you through the intricate mechanics of Kettlebell strength & conditioning.


We guide you through the movements, and help you understand your biomechanics and how YOU should lift.

We finish each session with a high intensity S&C workout for strength & cardio. 


Calisthenics is a bodyweight strength discipline that explores the human bodies creative & physical limits.

Our classes focus on developing the strength required to train for the skills through basic bodyweight training moves like push ups, pull ups, and bodyweight holds.

We apply the right formula for your progress, and guide you through a powerful & playful strength workout.

1 on 1 coaching

1:1 coaching is the fastest route to success and physical progress.

Our coaches provide 1:1 training in all our disciplines, and will create a tailored training cycle for your goals.

Training is best delivered in a course (or cycle) of 4-6 sessions to really allow your body to adapt to the training.

All sessions require a free consultation before commencing, and you can book yours here.

Ashtanga Yoga

Kat says:

"I love Rosie's yoga. As a beginner, sometimes I can find classes slow, boring and too long in one pose, but I was able to keep up with Rosie's flow without feeling rushed in my technique. She offers support and modifications when things are too challenging, but also pushes me to explore new and more complex poses"