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Mobility Training


MOVE is a joint mobility & stability class, designed to restore joint health by mobilising your muscles, strengthening your connective tissue, and teaching your nervous system to adapt to new positions. Each class develops your mobility & stability using a fusion of creative primal movements, scientifically tested physical therapy positions, and utilises the scientific rigour and methodology of strength training on your joints. Joint Mobility is defined as the degree to which an articulation (where two bones meet) can move before being restricted by surrounding tissues. Joint Stability is defined as the ability to maintain or control joint movement or position. Stability is achieved by the coordinating actions of surrounding tissues and the neuromuscular system. FLOOR WORK & DYNAMIC MOBILITY Animalistic movement inspired mobility to get you connected with your body & effortless movement. Think crawls, rolls, cool shapes, and unfathomable but attainable movements. END-RANGE MOBILITY TRAINING End-range mobility training (E.R.M.T) takes your body through full range movements (think Jefferson Curls, Reverse Nordics, & Deep Hip openers). Then we add just the right weight to the equation, bang out reps to fatigue, and repeat to get the result. This strengthens your muscles & connective tissue at this range, allows your nervous system to adapt to this new movement, and facilitates a more mobile, stronger, and more resilient joint. PAILS & RAILS PAILs and RAILs are an isometric loading strategy used in athletic mobility training. PAILS stands for Progressive Angular Isometric Loading while RAILs stands for Regressive Angular Isometric Loading. PARTNER WORK & PNF Partner assisted mobility often gets the extra result. Using partners we go through passive mobility, alignment techniques, and advanced methods such as Proprioceptive NeuroMuscular Facilitation (PNF). RESTORATIVE MOBILITY The reward after a hard session. Restorative mobility is a way of placing your body in joint mobilising positions comfortably to attain a new range of motion. Here we use Yogic principles of mobility such as relaxation and breathwork, heart rate monitoring, soft equipment and chilled ambience,. This helps is access the bodies para-sympathetic nervous response to ease you into mobility gains, and improve your ability to do so each time.

  • 1 hour
  • 10 British pounds
  • 👣 Sapien Training

Cancellation Policy

Please reschedule or cancel any sessions you can't attend on the app or members area of the website (under ME/MY BOOKINGS). Any problems just message on the site or call us on 01273 857788 Class Pass holders will receive the credit back in their account unless cancelling/rescheduling within the 24h window. For any emergency cancellations please call 01273 857788.

Contact Details

  • Hassocks BN6 9BS, UK


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