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Mobility Training


MOVE is a joint mobility & stability class, designed to restore joint health by mobilising your muscles, strengthening your connective tissue, and teaching your nervous system to adapt to new positions. Each class develops joint mobility & stability using scientifically tested physical therapy techniques and mobility drills, and utilises the scientific rigour and methodology of strength training on your joints. C.A.R.S (Controlled Articular Rotations) CARs utilise active rotational movements at outer limits of your range of motion for each individual joint in order to stimulate articular adaptations. CARs also indicate neurological control of the outer ranges for improved joint stability and kinaesthetic awareness. PAILS & RAILS PAILs and RAILs are an isometric loading strategy used in mobility training. Essentially it's taking targeted joint actions to their end range, and then strengthening them in that position. This strengthens your muscles & connective tissue at this range, allows your nervous system to adapt to this new movement, and facilitates a more mobile, stronger, and more resilient joint. FOAM ROLLING The class sometimes involves using self myofascial release and precise massage techniques to get joints mobilised & muscle tissue softened. GUIDED BREATHWORK The reward after a hard session :)

  • 1 h
  • 10 British pounds
  • 👣 Movement Studio

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule just pop onto the booking app (under MY BOOKINGS). You can reschedule your session up to 12 hours before your session starts (you won't lose your class credit). Cancellations within 24h cannot be refunded.

Contact Details

  • Sapien Training, Hassocks, UK

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