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Inversion training


Each week we work on mastering arguably the most coveted exercise of all time; the Handstand. WHAT WE DOING? First we undergo a thorough warm up, working on restoring overhead shoulder mechanics and straight body alignment (essential if you want to balance a handstand). Then we help your body get comfy upside down with a mixture of inversion drills designed to teach your body to balance upside down. We'll teach you various hand balances & inversions, before moving onto the wall for wall-assisted drills and partner work. Each session finishes with some freestyle practice, a chance for you to develop your own handstand in your own way, using a partner for support. DOES IT MATTER IF I'M A BEGINNER? No not really. Handstands can be attained by pretty much anyone willing to put the work in. A base level of fitness and bodyweight ability is appreciated (please don't turn up if you have a shoulder injury or don't like being upside down).

  • 1 hour
  • 10 British pounds
  • 👣 Sapien Training

Cancellation Policy

Please reschedule or cancel any sessions you can't attend on the app or members area of the website (under ME/MY BOOKINGS). Any problems just message on the site or call us on 01273 857788 Class Pass holders will receive the credit back in their account unless cancelling/rescheduling within the 24h window. For any emergency cancellations please call 01273 857788.

Contact Details

  • Hassocks BN6 9BS, UK


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