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CALI: beginners

Beginners Calisthenics skill training


WHAT'S CALI: beginners? This class is our beginner-intermediate level Calisthenics class, suitable for newbies and anyone looking to get started in Calisthenics. The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kállos (κάλλος), which means "beauty" and sthenos (σθένος), meaning "strength". WHAT DO WE DO IN THE BEGINNERS CLASS? Beginner's CALI coaches the fundamental strength patterns of Calisthenics & bodyweight training (Push Ups, Rows, Pull Ups, and Dips, usually coached with resistance bands & bodyweight drills), developing a solid foundation for bodyweight & calisthenics training. We also coach off a beginner level skill (ie: frog stands, headstand, L-sit) to get you confident in skill development. It doesn't matter if you can't do a frog stand or pull up yet, we'll adapt the exercises to your abilities and help you find the sweet spot for development. STRENGTH PRE-REQUISITES ● 10s bar hang ● 30s plank SKILLS REQUIRED None. DANGER LEVEL: None. No upside down stuff, no skills, just beginner friendly moves. Also suitable for intermediates who fancy a lighter session!

  • Duration Varies
  • 10 British pounds
  • 👣 Gym

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule just pop onto the booking app (under MY BOOKINGS). You can reschedule your session up to 12 hours before your session starts (you won't lose your class credit). Cancellations within 24h cannot be refunded.

Contact Details

  • Hassocks BN6 9BS, UK


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