Breakfast is quite literally THE most important meal of your day. And should DEFINITELY contain eggs....

A good breakfast will give you good energy for your day, set your body up to be a metabolic fat burning machine, and set the standard for everything else that follows in the next 24 hours.

I hear a lot of people saying they either skip breakfast or just about manage a measly bowl of Special K (I stand by my claim that the packaging contains more nutrients...). This is mostly down to time constraints and the reverse engineering of our day; we drag our tired butts to work on little to no fuel, work work work, then eat a HUGE meal for dinner and consequently do very little energy expenditure with the best meal we've had all day?!

Flip that, think healthy, and observe this principle; Flip the calorie loading on its head, re-order your day (where possible) and put health before wealth. That is to say consider your body and its metabolic needs before you set off to work and fulfil someone else's financial needs (your boss).

So if your up for a niiiice big brekkie, let's get to work on exactly what to eat.

Firstly you've just awoke from a 6-8 hour fast. No water, no food, no energy. So let's get fueled up again but like a well-oiled machine we need quality fuel!

Here's 4 foodstuffs/nutrients I always recommend to get your day off to a healthy start.

1- Water

Your body is mostly made up of water, and after a night's sleep it's a good idea to re-hydrate first thing in the morning. It's good for your hydration, your metabolism, your lymphatic system, your skin, pretty much everything. Fruit and Veg often have a high water content so bare that in mind when choosing breakfast too.

"I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man." ~ Henry David Thoreau

2- Eggs

Eggs are a staple foodstuff of the morning. High in protein and loaded with healthy fats, they're cheap, healthy, and hugely versatile! One request; buy local from Farm Shops or a rural neighbour if possible, you'll notice the difference! Avoid Tesco's and Asda crap, They're chickens are about as free-range as the inmates at Guantanemo bay...

"I had eggs for breakfast. I ate them off the hood of a politician’s car, after I threw them there.” ~ Jarod Kintz- This book is not for sale.

3- Natural Fats

Available in unlimited forms, natural fats make a great fuel for the body and plenty of people now favour natural fats over carbs as the favoured form of energy for their day. Classics for brekkie include Avacado, Natural Yoghurt, Nuts, Banana's, smoked salmon, Oils etc.

"Life is life a box of Chocolates, it doesn't last long for fat people" ~ Forrest Gumps brother

4- Veg

Yup, I said veg for brekkie. For many this seems intolerable, the very thought repulsive. Okay a hunk of cauliflower may not appeal but how about some Spinach or Mushrooms? Great way to keep your vitamin intake high and consistent throughout your day.

"Better to eat vegetables and fear no creditors, than eat duck and hide from them" ~ Unknown

So without further ado here's my top 5 quick and easy(ish) recipe's to get your body fuelled for exercise and a healthy day.

1- Banana Pancakes

Quick and Fruity, this easy morning recipe is so versatile you could keep it interesting all year round. It can be a little high on sugar, so watch out if your trying to shift the sweet stuff.

Estimated Macronutrients; 400kcal; 40g Carbs, 19g Protein (30g inc Protein Powder), 19g Fat

2 eggs

1 banana

1 scoop Protein Powder (optional)

Fruit of your choice (I used 50g Blueberries and Raspberries)


- Mash a banana up using the back of a spoon

- Place in a bowl and stir up with 2 Scrambled eggs (avoid pureéing the banana, a thicker blend makes a better pancake consistency).

- Heat up a little Cocunut Oil in a pan and add the mix, attempting desperately to retain the mix into some form of Pancake Shape....

- 2-3mins on each side and they're done! Add whatever you fancy; Fruit, Yoghurt, Cinnamon, honey, just keep it Natural!

2- Baked Eggs in Avocado with Smoked Salmon

Easy to make, impressive to serve and delicious to eat; these take about 20mins and can be tweaked to suit your diet/tastes. Try using Chorizo instead of Salmon, or serving on a bed of Spinach if you need more veg.

Estimated Macronutrients; 475kcal; 14g Carbs, 37g Fat, 26g Protein

1 x Avocado

2 x Eggs

Handful of Smoked Salmon

-Chop the Avocado in half and remove the stone. --Scoop out the flesh underneath the stone to allow as much room for the egg as possible. Crack the egg into the hole and retain the remaining white to be scrambled seperately.

-Place the avocado's in the oven for 10-15 mins and meanwhile scramble the remaining egg or prepare any additional ingredients (smoked salmon, chorizo, spinach, kale, anything!)

3- Portobello Mushrooms with Wilted Spinach, Mozzarella, and Poached Eggs

The posh one! Great for impressing whoever's coming round that morning, not so great if your short on time/effort.

1-2 Portobello Mushrooms

Buffalo Mozzarella Plait

Big Bowl of Spinach Leaves

2 eggs

-Slice the mozzarella thinly and place inside an upturned mushroom (stalk removed). Wilt the spinach (either steamed or fry lightly) and place in bundles on top of the mushroom.

-Whack in the oven for 5-10mins (enough to melt the cheese but not crisp the spinach) and get poaching some eggs!

-Serve together presented in a posh fashion.

4- Scrambled Egg with Mushroom, Spinach, and Avacado

A quick, easy, nutritious start to the day; possibly not favoured by those with an overly sensitive palate. I knocked this up one morning when the fridge practically was empty....

Estimated Macronutrients; 280kcal; 6g Carbs, 19g Fat, 16g Protein

2-4 eggs, depending on protein requirements

1/2 Avacado (chopped)

1 Big Flat Mushroom

Handful of Spinach

-This is a one pan simple job. Scramble eggs, add to chopped Avacado and Mushroom (or Tomato, Spinach, Chorizo, whatever's in today's diet) and scramble into an eggy mess.

Some call it omelette, some call it a downright disgrace. It's not pretty but it tastes fine and ticks all the right boxes.

5- The Smoothie!! (with eggs)

Smoothies have undeservedly had a lot of bad press recently. Mostly because various companies keep loading theirs with highly addictive foodstuffs (sugar)...but Smoothies can be a great way to start your day!

  • 1/2 Green leafy veg (Spinach, Kale, Cerolo Nevo

  • Handful of fruit (berries ideally)

  • Small serving of seeds (Pumpkin seeds, Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds)

  • Some form of Protein (Whey, Eggs, Hemp)

  • Cacao Nibs if you fancy a treat

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