"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle"


Kettlebell training builds strength, develops your cardio, and replicates everyday functional movement patterns, like carrying stuff & moving things around correctly.

Coached correctly, they're arguably one of the most powerful training tools we have at our disposal.

Read on to find out why...



Kettlebells are one of the best tools out there for building strength (beaten only by the barbell).


They kinda bridge the gap between Strength & Cardio training, although Kettlebells come with a host of additional benefits; 

  • Build Muscle

  • Improve explosive strength

  • Improve jumping power

  • Improve Vo2 max & conditioning

  • Great for sport specific Strength-Endurance training


Kettlebells replicate carrying heavy stuff.

Everyday stuff that needs moving like heavy shopping, suitcases, and awkward loads.

Coached correctly, Kettlebells will;

  • Train you to move better (multiplanar movements)

  • Enhance body awareness & coordination

  • Improve balance, and  stabiliser muscles

  • Increase your range of motion


Kettlebell training attains a strong cardio workout in no time.

The training can be adjusted to hit the ideal intensity for your goals, developing your engine alongside strengthening your muscles.


  • Total body conditioning

  • Develop your cardiovascular system, alongside your muscular power & strength

  • Increase your Vo2 max

  • Replicate the cardiovascular demands of most sports & training disciplines

Strong Woman

Karen says:

"Building muscle has been the greatest thing iv'e done for my health since i started taking up exercise over 8 years ago.

I used to run (badly) and practice a little Yoga, but my body was falling apart!

Strength training has taught me how to hold myself and how to move correctly. And now I run better too!"