"I’m not even scared of the devil. If the devil confronted me, I’d confront him as well"

Boxing Gloves

The 'Sweet Science' of Boxing yields one of the greatest physical and mental workouts on the planet.

Here at Sapien Training we believe in coaching 'the real deal', and introduce you to the world of Boxing with trained coaches in a safe environment.

We don't do Boxercise or Body Combat, we're about coaching solid strike technique and quality movement to develop your skills as a non-competitive boxer.

Sapien Boxing Services

PADS class - Wednesdays 1800

PADS is a high-intensity 60 minute boxing class developing your punch technique, fight fitness, and skills on the pads.

We coach stance, how to punch, how to move, and also develop your skills as a pad holder - so you get the real deal!

This is NOT a Boxercise or Body Combat Class! You won't get hit, but you will learn how to fight. 

1:1 Boxing Coaching

1:1 Boxing Coaching will hone your Boxing skills with speed and accuracy.

Our coaches will assess your punch technique, stance, and movement, and create a tailored workout plan to take you to the next level.

Whether thats learning the ropes, or moving upwards towards your first amateur Boxing experience.


private small group coaching

If you want you can hire our studio and coaches for your own, private Boxing coaching experience.

Prices start at £40p/h, and give you the privacy of a 1:1 coaching session but you can also bring your friends for support!

We teach you how to Box, and how to hold the pads so you can train each other safely and effectively.


Matt says:

"I adore Boxing! It's requires 100% mental focus & physical effort. You just don't get that with other training disciplines.